Thursday, June 13, 2019

Week 4 DisscussionQ&A Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week 4 DisscussionQ&A - Assignment Example whiz psychiatric health medics are reluctant to medicate the offenders, resulting to let them stay in jails (Draine, Solomon, & Meyerson, 1994 as cited in Lamb & Weinberger, 1998). This is also because of inefficient psychiatric strength and available facilities (Moras, 2004). The best approach to cure them is to stipulate an effective framework of facilities, which secure staff, and criminal law and psychiatric health personnel integrate. Consistent medication is significant to alleviate the state. The discharge plan should comprise hospitalization, so the offender can reinvigorate by regular monitoring and consumptions of healthy foods, rest and exercise. Family bread and butter is the most significant notion to help these offenders recover immediately (How is Psychosis 2007).Question 2. Imagine you have been hired by a prison to develop and weapon a sex offender treatment program. Following your development and implementation, you wil l be the continuing coordinator at this prison. Discuss how you would design such a program, fetching into account the challenges of treating this population and approaches that have been found to be beneficial. Be detailed and specific in your answers.As a program coordinator, I should include the conceit of morale into the general aspect of the treatment program. Two of the therapeutic approaches that I would adopt are cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational approaches. Cognitive-behavioral approach may refer to revitalizing the offenders thought roughly their sexual behavior. This can be done by altering their sexual aspects such as letting them know how a person reacts after a relative incident happens. Psycho-educational approach may be instilled with Godly messages, and empower His words to alter and develop empathy for the victim and be accountable for the offenders actions (Bureau of Justice Assistance, n.d.). Lastly, the pharmacological approach utilizes medication t o diminish sexual reaction of the offenders

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