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Medical biotechnology and leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Medical biotechnology and leadership - Essay ExamplePrior to the commencement of whatever project, one must consider the external environmental factors that may affect its outcomes. In this case, the paper leave alone be looking at the carcinogenic do of heavy metals. Certain political players may have liaised with industrial leaders in their election processes. They may frown upon researches that link these businesses to a health problem. Conversely, those who argon interested in protecting their constituents rights may use results from this study to make laws that protect the citizenry (Morrison, forthcoming).Certain economic factors will also be relevant to this study. The project will rely on moderate external funding. This will come from the church around the study area. Such financial support will only be forthcoming if the economic environment in the country is favourable. Additionally, the sociological element in this study revolves around the problems faced by population who deal with heavy metal pollution. Persons in developing countries are exposed to heavy metals in fish, water, food and their occupations. Therefore, the ability to obtain such samples will be dependent on getting cooperation from locals (Grundy, 2006).The technological factors in the study project refer to the availability and ability to use scientific equipments needed. Knowledge of microscopy and immunofluorescence is critical in achieving this. Furthermore, the university already has these machines, so gaining access to them will be vital. There could be more advanced methods of studying DNA repair, so the researchers ought to familiarise themselves with these methods. Legal factors implicate the regulatory policies and laws that govern the disposal and exposure of the public to these heavy metals. If handlers of the materials are flouting laws, then this could be a legal problem (Turner, 2002).Finally, the study has an

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