Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Technology in criminal justice mangement Research Paper

Technology in criminal justice mangement - Research Paper Exampledesoxyribonucleic acid profiles atomic number 18 founded on non coding DNA and do not disclose the details related to an individuals physical appearance. This has been one of the major factors that have make such read acceptable (MCharek, 2008, p. 519). DNA profiling has achieved phenomenal success in criminal investigation.Moreover, this feature, in association with the major breakthroughs in the field of genetic science has greatly enhanced the value of evidence based on DNA profiling. The present day DNA evidence is not restricted to identification, wherein trace evidence is compared with a suspects sample (MCharek, 2008, p. 519).As such, DNA profiling is much more and it has the capacity to generate information about the potential offender. ane such development is the inference of visible traits, which is founded on racial classifications (MCharek, 2008, p. 519).By employing more sensitive methods that are based upon the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), in connector with multiplex marker kits, it has become possible to analyze minute and degenerated biological trace evidence. Furthermore, the volume of DNA profiles produced has increased drastically, due to the introduction of capillary DNA sequencing machines (MCharek, 2008, p. 520).These devices make it possible to achieve a much higher rate of processing samples. This increase has also been attributed to the compilation of DNA databanks, and the additional standardization of work procedures. However, these developments have created several new political and ethical problems (MCharek, 2008, p. 520).In addition, these issues can be classified as difficulties emerging from the use of DNA profiling as a tool for investigation. In the initial stages of the use of this new technology, DNA evidence had functioned as a technology enabling identification. The issue at that measure was to determine whether a correlation could be established

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