Wednesday, June 19, 2019

ARGUMENT - ESSAY Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ARGUMENT - - Essay Example military personnel, as we now believe, and would not argue against it, should not live along with the beasts in the forests, but rather in their own home where their existence is protected. Humans take comfort and safety in the homes they build and live in.Modern technology, a result of an increased understanding of human existence and the natural resources that surrounds them, has provided the needed comfort that each one of us enjoys so far. These abilities to develop massive and ruling high-tech machineries made us believe that we are able to take character in our hands as well. Maybe at some channel we do, but not in the long run. Survival is natural to humans that in order to achieve this, we create laws and impose them to attain equality among humanity. However, it is not in the nature of human beings to be contented of what they already have. We tend to roast the environment to find the contentment we are looking for. It is in our nature to wage w ars, murder, as well as poison nature that in fact sustain our existence. I believe that our imperfections as human beings apply in order to actualize us realize that we are in no way at par with the power of nature.Wars destroy nature in much(prenominal) dreadful ways than we realize. Daily living conditions is a daily struggle for Mother Nature as humans pollute the air and water that is needed for the survival of other organisms as well in fact those that humans consume every day to sustain human life. Such horrible activities make us think that we have overpowered nature. On the other hand, if we will look into the current environmental phenomena all over the world, natures response to our abuse clearly shows that she is still the most powerful one. Powerful tsunamis, enormous storms, and strong earthquakes are all over the news killing thousands of people every year. Humans are left vulnerable against these disasters that strike them most particularly at times when they are least prepared. Even when they thought they

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