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Research and findings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research and findings - Essay ExampleSome of his furniture is a re-work of initial ideas like the combination of a part of a mince and that of a trade name material. He is a great designer and studied technology to the professor level in furniture design and industrial design2.The epic easy chair is a very famous piece of furniture that was designed and created by Ron Arad particularly for Moroso. This chair is do of a fix from steel material that has stress loathly foam made of polyurethane and also polyester fiber. Although this cover cannot be removed, the armchair has both the properties of a waterproof material and also kind to light. This makes it easy to use the chair, as it is portable and can be used both outside and inside. It is a rotational chair that can be mould and recycled with colored polythene. The main advantages of this chair are that, it can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities. It is also essential to note that it is waterproof hence, resistant to fade3.This was the first piece of furniture chair that was produced by Ron Arad. This piece of furniture is a fusion of two ideas. The ideas came from readymade of Kee-Klamp scaffolding which was designed originally in the 1930s. The other(a) part that clumps onto the Kee-Klump is the seat of scrap yard which came from a Rover 200. This chair is basically a combination of a car chair with a frame of structural tubing. The frames are what provide the arm and feet rest for the individual sitting on this chair. In 1981, this chair was sold almost at three clock its production cost due to its attractive nature. The seat is made of leather while the frames painted in black made of steel material.4These two designers made it big in the early 1907 to 1978. They were modern architects and also designed furniture. They worked in the industrial and also graphic design including film and fine art. Charles worked in a steel company where he

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