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The Gendered Landscape Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Gendered Landscape - Essay ExampleHe is also believed to be frequently watching over us, the sand in his hourglass slowly decreasing as it slips through the hand of judgment of conviction. No wonder the saying time wasted will not be recovered. Him being elderly and having white beard symbolizes flow of time and its effect. His scythe show that time cuts down all things it is a symbol of harvest, death or end of existence. For example, the end of the year (Petre, 2005).The immature piece is normally related to natural vegetative divine beings and is often interpreted as a figure of rebirth. Green man is a symbol of nature spirit of man dependence on and in union with nature. It may interpret to tangle negative and positive attributes of colour parking area as young colour may signify a young man with natural vitality and love. On the other hand, the green man can signify hostility and death. Some people say that the green man appears whenever there is a requirement to prote ct the environment. It is a blend that compromise between a pleasure seeker and Christian doctrine. It is seen in churches as a decorative feature and it is also a pagan spirit associates with nature (Anderson & Hicks, 1998). The bionic man is a machine that characterizes the human being. Science fiction has included the Cyborg into human culture. The Cyborg is as a result of merging of technology and human form.It is evident that those archetypes of green man and the Cyborg signify the wish for human transformation. In my view, there is a need to embrace the Cyborg because technology will soon outshine normal human capability. Gender fits perfectly into this intervention in that the facets of green man and the Cyborg clearly are male and female respectively. This is because green man poses the characters of strength and love while the Cyborg poses the nature of nurturing.Piccinini is an artist who gets her inspiration from real life genetically modified organisms and

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