Wednesday, May 1, 2019

MOD 5 FIN SLP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MOD 5 FIN SLP - Essay ExampleThe take exception for non-profits is to effectively research and find funding resources to receive the necessary funds to perform all projects and functions inside the company without missing out of any potential opportunities. We ready two major projects we ar before long working on that exit be examined in this paper. The first project is attempting to improve our development figure to expand the company and purchase equipment and necessary resources for better care to the individuals. The second project is a local nonprofit book festival to allow developmentally challenged persons to interact with members of the community.The first project that we are before long implementing is one in which we are seeking funding for developmental avenues to expand the current operations of the company. We have been seeking different funding methods to increase our development budget and make necessary equipment and supplies purchases that are substantial to providing proper care to these individuals. The primary source of funding that should be examined comes straight from state, federal and local grants that washbowl be awarded to nonprofits for providing special care (Foster, Kim & Christiansen, 2009). These grants can be offered to any organization, group or individual ground on very specific or broad criteria. Oftentimes, nonprofit organizations attempt to utilize these fiscal resources because grants are essentially free money that never has to be repaid. Grants can involve a lot of paperwork and opus hours, but most require no fiscal obligation or investment and can salary for part or all of the necessary expenses to expand operations given the type of care that is organism provided and that we are indeed a nonprofit organization. These are two essential areas that work in our favor and will provide strong reasonable support to justify why we need the funds and that they will be put to good use to improve several of the loc al communities as

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