Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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By having adequately infrastructure local anesthetic institutions trained and revitalized by peace building along with state building actors hatred speech can be controlled. On the other side institutions imposed by these external actors should not serve as permanent ones. Thus, external actors should persist in this role until institutions atomic number 18 capable to maintain it on their own. In this regard creating institutional structures to manage potential pathologic effects of media liberalization is a sensible strategy for promoting a free and responsible press mechanisms for self-regulation of the media should largely replace those operated by peace builders.(Paris 2004199). Paris sees as a key to strategy for better state building agenda, process of instutionalization before democratization and better control of free press trough local institutions.(Paris 2004199). In accordance with above mentioned, position of institutions in state building process which, as elaborated, consist peace stabilization instruments and means to introduce advanced liberal approach is of crucial importance. Through example of free press regulation and control of discriminative speech, commonly present in countries emerging from conflicts, visualise in which way institutions could cut the root in this hazardous process and leveled the ground for new political process. Thus are all this indicators show that institutions capacity be the means from where the change should start in order to make it pervasive and appropriate for the state? Further chapter will discuss if certainly institutions are starting point in state building process. -Is institutionalization a solution-Institutions, as previously stated, are mechanism that can make democratic or whatever other political feat... ...ns should be taken as primary concern in state building process before any upcoming change. disceptation about democracy, it is seen as exogenous phenomena which certainly deems most approp riate political settlement for the country unless according to above mentioned, it cannot operate without beforehand adeptness of good endogenous components-institutions. Recommendation that strikes from above mentioned is that at most basic level democracies and capitalism presuppose a functioning of state apparatus but in state building agenda which is oriented solely toward promotion of democratization and marketization in intuitionally weak post-conflict environments is counterproductive.(Paris 2004205). Paris in this regard proposes strategy IBL that addresses to phenomenon of institutionalization, so advantages of installing proper institutions before liberalizing the field.

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