Saturday, May 4, 2019

An analysis of an aspect of human culture from an anthropological Essay

An analysis of an aspect of human cultivation from an anthropological viewpoint - Essay ExampleIt has further fostered the subordination of poor and developing nations by the fecund and developed nations of the horse opera world. This has lead to an environmental degradation and is regarded as a serious threat to non western indigenous cultures and economies. This article further argues that the Western countries has set up international bodies like IMF, World Bank, unite Nations and other donor agencies to control all major economic and political affairs prevailing in the rest of the world. This papers flakes this issue from the holistic and anthropological perspective which surrounds the economic and non economic factors at the equal time. Let us refer to the works of the famous economist and anthropologist Karl Marx. This great thinker anticipated disturbances and imbalances associated with the unfettered expansion of the global capital. According to Marx, societies go fr om simple to complex in a number of steps. The pre diachronic human culture of the Aborigines was at a lower evolutionary stage than the Western European civilization. Similarly, during the nipping war between communism and capitalism, the two opposite developing strategies were some form of Central proviso and Western economics. Here, the Western developed economic nations with their capitalist approach managed to destroy the so called communist approach which were prevalent in the then U.S.S.R.

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