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This papers topic is on Sight and Blindness in the play Oedipus Rex Essay

This papers topic is on Sight and Blindness in the play Oedipus Rex - undertake ExampleIn light of this, it can be said that being sighted or concealment does not necessarily correspond with the ability to control ones fate. It may be assumed that having the ability to put through makes it easier to control fate, however, in Oedipus Rex, it is clearly evident that between physical and intellectual blindness, it is the latter which shoot the breezems to allow for a more loyaltyful vision of ones destiny.Oedipus, the protagonist, is arrogant and intellectually blind. It is this arrogance and blindness which really cause him to eventually fulfill the fate he so desperately tries to escape from. He begins his life with a prophecy from the gods that one day he will kill his father and marry his mother. In a desperate attempt to avoid this serious fate, his parents send him into the mountains to die. However, a shepherd saves Oedipus and the child is adoptive by Polybus and Merope, the tycoon and Queen of Corinth. While Oedipus was completely unaware of the prophecy during this time, he was safe from fulfilling his terrible destiny. Ironically, it is only when he begins to see the truth that he begins to approach his fate. As he becomes aware of the prophecy, he flees from home for safety in the hopes of avoiding his destiny. However, in doing so, he achieves the opposite while fleeing Corinth, he meets his real father, King Laius, and kills him. He then makes his way to Thebes where he marries his real mother, Jocasta, and also brings a plague into the city. These events are tremendously ironic, because if Oedipus had never become aware of the truth, he could have stayed blissfully ignorant, and safe from fulfilling his destiny. Alternatively, if Oedipus had been aware of the full truth from the beginning he could have potentially avoided his fate. His arrogance is further displayed when he declares that he will induce the Kings killer so he can save the town from the plague, unaware that he himself is the killer.We can see that throughout the

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