Saturday, April 27, 2019

AP - Art History eo 7 forum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

AP - Art History eo 7 forum - Essay ExampleThe neoclassical sue word-painting by Jacques-Louis David indicates excellent use of colors and the work is contrastingly well polished and distinguishable. On contrary, the wild-eyed paintings by Eugene Delacroix reveals poor use of colors. The brushwork is also not polished thus prompting the eventual stock of contrastingly un desired work.The exposure of the death of Socrates by David, Jacques-Louis exhibits well defined and refined piece of work and is likely to allure love by many paint art lovers. The drawings also present the desirable picture and tone desired by the viewer. From fig a, it is observable that varying colors have been applied. As compared to romantic drawing by Delacroix, Eugne- Mad Woman, 1822 who has utilized only two or three blends of colors. Delacroix, Eugne Mad Woman, 1822 (romantic) drawing is also rugged and does not appreciate appealing drawing. Delacroix Eugne- Mad Woman, 1822 is very retire and does not appeal to the eye. Delacroix also failed to not the presence of the background as presented excellently by Jacques on The Death of

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