Friday, April 19, 2019

Does the homecoming of Chinese students who completed higher education Dissertation

Does the homecoming of Chinese students who completed higher education abroad have an effect on the employability of the Chinese - Dissertation modelThe present economic crisis that affected the western countries worse also contri just nowed in the change of the trend in recent period. Contents Page 1. Introduction 3-6 1.2 Research Points 7 1.3 Aims and Objectives 8-9 2. Theoretical Framework Literature go over 10-19 3. Hypotheses 19 4. Empirical Research Literature Review 20-28 5. Methodology 29-32 6. Findings 33-41 7. Conclusion 42-43 Appendix Bibliography 1. INTRODUCTION With increase globalization universe of discourse(prenominal) trade across countries, have increased increasing business opportunities and investments and contracting boundaries amid nations across the world. However, it has also resulted in stiff competition among the business organizations and hence created barriers for the entrance of new possible business firms. Despite these drawbacks, globalization has brought about huge improvements in the sector of information, technology, and communication and with the advancements in the meshwork connections people are being able to gather information on any field and for any unsophisticated of the world. Thus with increased globalization the Chinese students are also being increasingly aware of the educational and employment opportunities in the developed countries of the world mainly the European and the American countries. ... China cadaver a leading civilization outstanding the other countries in arts, science, culture etc for the recent years. The single society controlled political state experienced a market-oriented approach of development after 1978 and since then output and the cubic yard of the countrys development quadrupled. The living standards of many families experienced a drastic improvement as the country is increasing its reach and participation in international organizations. The phenomenal economic growth of the cou ntry and its increasing contribution to the worlds aggregate trade is making it famous in the international community. In the year, 2010 China has been the largest exporter in the world trade. The double-digit growth commit of the economy in the last 10 years has made it the second largest in terms of the Gross Domestic Product of the country righteous after the United States of America. The country went ahead of Japan in the year 2001 with its economic development. The economic down offer of 2009 for the first time reduced the demand for the countrys exports in many years but the country again hold back the economy rebounding quickly with a GDP growth rate of 10% in 2010 exceeding all countries (The world fact book, 2010). After the establishment of the Republic of China, the commie party of the country and the central government decided to send the students and the scholars of the country to different socialist states of the world like Soviet Union. The main aim was to bring ho me knowledge from the foreign countries that would in turn help to develop the country in terms of science, technology, and managerial skills to compete with the western countries. Thus, policies and regulations were made to detain the scholars going abroad and encourage

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