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Domestic Violence Against Men | Challenges and Solutions

Domestic Violence Against custody Ch every last(predicate)enges and SolutionsSocial Sciences theory for affectionate workAb utilize Men in Hong KongA conduct to do a piece of musicpowers safety devicee?Kwok Lai Wun presentmentWhen we verbalise about national helpated vehe custodyce, it is common that we leave behind think back that the annoyancer is man and the pace cardinal must be cleaning lady, notwithstanding when is it the however pattern in h wholenesssty? Is at that place any chance for hands mistreat by their p deviceners or family? In fact, at that place atomic number 18 nearly news reports that the custody dupe in house servant power in Hong Kong has been pilfern, however, at that place ar make up ones mind table service provided for them and there argon no any confidential modification e.g. refugees, to protect their safety.Contrast to mens situation, in Hong Kong, there argon four woman refugee (organized by Po Leung Kuk, Christian Family Service affection and Harmony house), one family crisis support center by Caritas and one family crisis treatment center (CEASE) by Tung Wah Group of hospitals provided va trampcy for mistreat woman and their child, just now two of which provide vacancy for priapic dupes, exactly none of which ar for male only, the one organized by Caritas is cosmos in address, all people can meet out their details though website or SWD, so it w worstethorn mystify the chance that offenser leave come to find the victims and non safety at all. The separatewisewise one (CEASE) which is a shelter that for several(predicate) type of people, including ill-use man and woman. So, in Hong Kong there is no specific shelter or refuge purport for men only to provide a confidential short-term allowance for them and focus on men victims shoots. If you are men who were abuse by your partners or family, where can you go and what accessible service that Hong Kong can provide to you? In this paper, we get out have a olfaction on abused man in Hong Kong and is there any request to have a refuge for them pass on be discussed.What is domestic military classify?Domestic violence is violence that precedes place within an intimate blood and family members. just aboutly abuser see themselves as the superior one and they will utilise their power to control an opposite(prenominal) family members or intimate. There are different forte to abuse differents, commonly is physical abuse, besides, there are psychological, sexual, financial control, amicable isolation and emotional abuse. (Po Leung Kuk, Woman Refugee)In 2010, our governing had revised the jurisprudence to Domestic and Cohabitation Relationships Violence Ordinance which provides civil remedies for victims of family violence. The law stated thatSpouses or physical bodyer spouses, straight person cohabitants or former heterosexual cohabitants, same-sex cohabitants or former same-sex cohabitants, a nd some other immediate and extended family members can impart to the court for an order against molestation by the other party.Thus, domestic violence can be appear in both men and women and it is a criminal offence and offenders may be prosecuted.Study of Men and Women using violenceIt is common that when we discuss domestic violence, we will pop up the image a strong men beaten a wispy women, however from the study by Steinmetz (1997a,b,c) found that both men and women may use physical to abuse each others in martial conflict, and the percentage was homogeneous, details were belowStudy of 54 couples mannishFemaleThrown rejects39%31%Pushed or shoved their partners31%32%Hit their partners20%20%Hit others with an object10%10%Study of 52 Canadian college studentsMaleFemaleThrown objects21%21%Pushed or shoved their partners17%13%Hit their partners13%13%Hit others with an object10%12%Study of 94 at random selected peopleMaleFemaleThrown objects31%25%Pushed or shoved their part ners22%18%Hit their partners17%12%Hit others with an object12%14%From the three study defend part in different place and people, we can see that both men and women move mistakable to use violence in solving their conflict in marital, especially in the part of hit their partners and using object to hit others, therefore woman in like manner have potential to commit acts of violence in certain circumstances.The study from Steinmetz mainly focused on the medium of using physical to abuse, however, as mentioned before, medium of abused not only in physical but also others types.Current situation in Hong Kong and Others CountriesHong KongThe report of Harmony signaling state that in recent year, there are risen of abused men case, to the highest degree of them aged betwixt twenty to twenty four which is 30% of the total case and it rise or so 60% in one year (Oriental Daily, 2013). From their experience, well-nigh of their natter state that their wives or girlfriend not only p hysical abuse them, such(prenominal) as kick them and using fingernail to scratches them, women also using psychological abuse towards men, such as ignore their feeling, do not talk with him, using almost foul language to abuse him and lower their assist at home, sometimes they may urge their husband to watch impulse film and make sex to prevent him go out to find the other girls, moreover they may investigate for prohibit male to go out with friends and ask him to call home every 5 minutes. make up worst, woman may use the child to threaten the man. Some of the abused men (Apple casual, 2014) (ShingPao, 2014)In addition, social worker Wu Yi Ling from Harmony House said that in the statistic from police between 2011 to 2012, there are ergocalciferol married man were experienced in domestic violence, also, statistic from SWD in 2013 also try out that there are 692 men were experienced in domestic violence which take 2% of the total domestic violence in Hong Kong, compare to 2 012, it increased about 60%.Ms Wu also deduce that this is only a few of abused men in Hong Kong since most of them have many hesitation to speak out, look to help and their sense of domestic violence are weak that they do not think they were abused by their wives or girlfriends. Moreover, from their hotline experience, some cases do not ask for help because they want to maintain the complete family for their child and do not want their child get harm. It shows that men may have some fear from their wife but they cant find anywhere that can provide them a safety env beseechment to let them take care their children and avoid found by their wife.Actually in the ancient there is one men refuge in Hong Kong, however in 2005 it was closed. According to the news from oriental daily (2005), the only men refugee in Hong Kong cannot sustain their service since administration stop renting the hostel to the fundamental law and they need to use some look intoer located at the farms for chicken as a temp address of the refugees, however the hygiene condition was not satisfy, so the 16 clients should be discharge and some of them may change by reversal homeless. Moreover, they criticized that government have gender stereotype in building refugee.From the in a higher(prenominal) place discussion, we can see that more and more cases of men suffer in domestic violence were discovered but it is common that they forefathert seek help themselves. Although there are some Mens hotlines provides by SWD, Caritas, Po Leung Kuk and Harmony House and even some meeting for them but there are no short-term confidential alteration for them to had protect and men focused counseling service which they may need.Others Countries standardised to Hong Kong, according to the news from the Observer (2010), About two in quintet-spot of all victims of domestic violence are men, contradicting the widespread impression that it is almost ever so women who are left knock about and bruis ed. The charitys analysis of statistics on domestic violence shows the number of men attacked by wives or girlfriends is much higher than thought. Its report, Domestic violence mostly sees as a female victim or male perpetrator problem, but from the statistic by Parity show that this is not true. They also said that that men assaulted by their partners are are almost invisible to the authorities such as the police and organism ignored, since there are fewer refuges to flee men than women. Moreover, it is largely miss by the public or media, in official reports and in government policy, for example in the provision of refuge places in England and Wales are 7,500 for females but only 60 for men. Palmatier (2013) also stated that in the United States, there is only one shelter for male victims while approximately 1,800 shelters to women and their children. In Canada, there also a domestic violence shelter for men that was run by the late Earl Silverman.It seems that not only Hong Kong , but also others country to a lower place view the problems of abused men. The reason that the public does not conscious(predicate) the problems and the men do not get laid it may have different reason.Reason that Men doesnt seek help by social becomes theoryThe staple fiber assumptions of social aspectism, as described by Crawford Popp (2004) are(1) Social constructionist focuses on how meaning is created. They suggest that know directge is an account of ingenuousness assumed collaboratively by a community of knower knowledge is not only a social product, but a product of a specifically situated confederation(2) Social construct the power and hierarchy in the society, it shows the result that how ones differ in status, entitlement, efficacy, self-respect and other traits based on the interactions one is involved in and subjected to.(3) Social construction is a dynamic surgical process. Social constructionists emphasize the complexity of how knowledge is created in socia l interactions. Knowledge and meanings are not stable or ceaseless they are co-constructed in interactions with others, negotiated, modified and shifted. People are active in their perception, understanding and sharing of knowledge acquired from their social milieu. It is prudent therefore to enumerate this process when explaining the social construction of knowledge, including knowledge concerning gender.(4) The individual and society are indissoluble. Social constructionists believed that individuals can create meaning only in semblance to what they are exposed to their env atomic number 26ment. Paradoxically, the same individuals co-create the meanings that are available in this env conjure outment.From the linear perspective of social construct theory, an individual belief and knowledge are constructed by the social, thus the gender identity is a socially constructed any may vary over time for an individual, it is not a stable, fixed trait. For example, me, I had a belief that I am a girl, and I exonerate like a girl should be to match the society mainstream value, if not I may be the one that violate the mainstream value and may not accept by the others. Therefore, our gender role are social construct female and male to femininity and masculinity.Each society has a set of expectations, stereotypes and assumptions about what it is to be a man. These can be interpreted as forming a set of standards regarding what one needs to be and do in order to be a man. For the men situation in Hong Kong, since we are a traditional Chinese society, we belief in some tradition Chinese concept that Men are breadwinners while women are housewives Men dont cry easily not ventilating system ones dirty laundry in public, those traditional theory construct that the image of men should be strong, cannot ask for help easily and they always as the autonomy role in a family. As we can judged by what we do as a man or as a woman, so that it is common that men believed in t hose value and do what the gender should be, act to conform to stereotypical gender roles and it is the active passage of arms in any behavior that is gendered, or behavior that may be evaluated as gendered, for example, when they abused by their wives or girlfriend, they may not recognize it is a problem, even they recognize it, to avoid violate the mainstream value and macrocosm isolated, they may shame to share with others and only tolerate it.Not only the abused men social constructed their gender role, the public also raise them to performance in certain way and they should behave like this. For example, daily TV programs, the mainstream media report, advertisement, etc. From the news report by Observer (2010) Mens rights campaign group Paritys staff Mays said thatCulturally its difficult for men to bring these incidents to the attention of the authorities. Men are reluctant to say that theyve been abused by women, because its seen as unmanly and weak.Alex Neil from The tra pping and communities minister in the Scottish parliament also said that twain men and women can be victims and we know that men feel under immense pressure to keep up the pretense that everything is OK, Domestic abuse against a man is just as abhorrent as when a woman is the victim.There is common experience share by abused men, and it may the reason that why men have hesitation to seek help from others.Limitation to having a men refugeAlthough the abused men cases had risen and it is a need to have a men refuge for them, however there are some limitation to urge the men to seek help since they accept the social norms constructed by social and they dont dare to break the norms so that it is hard for the organization encourage them to be initiative to seek support in the public, for example, Miss Hardie (Daily escape Report, 2009) saidThere is still a very strong gull attached to men who say they have been the victims of domestic violence. Most of our referrals will only have deci ded to come forward after beingness interpreted to hospital.The situation may be similar in Hong Kong, since there are limit case were found in public and the defect to men were strong too. It may take several years to inform the public and arise their awareness on mens victim in domestic violence.ConclusionTo conclude, research focused on abused men is limit, it seems that it is not a controversial topic over the world, however, the cases of abused men in Hong Kong or others countries has risen in recent years, it may be a signal for us to pay attention the need of them and arise the public awareness to the problems of men victim in domestic violence. Although there are some limitation that men may not take initial to use the service of refuge immediately, but similar to women refuge, though education and promote a new value to public via media or government promotion though the value of gender mainstreaming in their advertisement or on policy to strive for gender comparison ma y reduce the stigma attached to men, and therefore may have a new social constructed gender role to men. So I think whatever the usage rate of the refugee, there is a need to provide a place and focused counseling service for male victim in domestic violence.ReferencesCampbell, Denis (2010, Sep 5). More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male,report reveals. The Observer. Retrieved fromhttp// refuges for battered husbands offer support to male victims (2009, Feb 16). DailyMail Reporter. Retrieved formhttp// sexual activity equality, Wife battered men more than 500 cases a year, estimate that is just a tipof the iceberg (2014, Feb 17). Apple Daily. Retrieved fromhttp// Kong Ordinances. (2009). CAP 189 Domestic and cohabitation relationshipsv iolence ordinance. Retrieved, J., Crawford, M., Popp, D. (2004). On the Construction of Gender, Sex, andSexualities. In A.H. Eagly, A.E. Beall, R.J. Sternberg (Eds.), The psychology of Gender (pp. 192-216). parvenu York Guilford Press.Men refuge will close right away (2005, May 5). Oriental Daily. Retrieved fromhttp//, Tara J. (2013, Oct 1). Domestic Violence sentiency Month The Invisible Victims. A Voice for Retrieved fromhttp// Aggressive, Jealous, Out of Control, Male cannot do anything (2013, Nov5). Oriental Daily. Retrieved fromhttp//, Liu (2014, July 13). Men also battered by women, abused not only for female.Singpao. Retrieved fromhttp// lSteinmetz, Suzanne K. (1977a). Cycle of Violence Assertive, Aggressive and AbusiveFamily Interactions. New York Praeger.Steinmetz, Suzanne K. (1977b). The Battered Husband Syndrome. Vol. 2 (3-4), pp. 501503. USA.Steinmetz, Suzanne K. (1977c). The Use of Force for Resolving Family dispute TheTraining Ground for Abuse. The Family Coordinator. Vol. 26 (1), pp. 1926. doi10.2307/581856.Yuen-Nam, Chan (2013, Nov 5). Searchlights Hong Kong female abuse male partner getting younger. Oriental Daily. Retrieved fromhttp// of branding fight An IntroductionProperties of press An IntroductionLIYI WENIronPhysical propertiesIron is a silvery-white or light gray metallic. It is ductile and malleable. Toughness is the exponent to be involved in the thread. Scalability is the ability to be hammered into thin sheets. It is by nature present in only three of a magnetic part. The other two are nickel and cobalt Iron having high plastic strength. Stretching device, which can be stretched without breaking. Iron is also very feasible. Operability is the ability to bend, roll, hammer, cut, shape, form, or else with the work is to make a metal to a desired shape or thickness. The melt point of smooth iron is 1536 (2,797 F), its turn point is about 3000 (5400 F). Its density is 7.87 grams per cubic centimeter. Other physical properties of the run point, boiling point, iron and stain stretchs may differ.http// sword-sheet-galvanized-roofing_450540055.htmlClassification Transition metallic elementThe position on the periodic tableIron is the 26th element on the periodic table. It is located in period 4 and group 8.Electron shell configuration 2, 8,14,23http// Iron is one of Earths most common elements. Nearly every construction of man admits at least a little iron. It is also one of the oldest metals, and at least 3,500 years ago, was origin shaped into useful and decorative objects. Ferrite is a soft, white metal. Although iron is a common element, iron is almost never found in nature. The only pure iron known to equal naturally comes from fallen meteorites. Most iron is made of iron and other elements combine to form a mineral discovery. Iron oxides are the most common. In those minerals near the surface of the earth, with the highest in the mercantile exploitation of iron ore and iron content is known. Iron ore is converted by multiple processes for all types of iron. The most commonly used process is the use of flak catcher furnace to produce pig iron, iron and about 92-94% blow 3-5% with a small amount of other elements. Iron has only limited use, and most of the iron into steel current where it is added to further reduce the hundred content and other elements, such as manganese, nickel, steel get into the unique properties of sundry(a) steel alloys. 4http//tabbiestr Historians believe that the Egyptians were the first people with small amounts of iron, about five or six thousand years ago to work. They apparently used a metal extracted from meteorites. What is considered the iron mining and smelting point, the evidence in the first example of ancient Hittite culture is now Turkeys. Because iron is used in the manufacture of weapons and tools far superior than any other known metallic materials, their production is a closely guarded secret. However, the basic technique is simple, the use of iron and gradually spread. For example, because it is useful for comparison with other materials, iron has disadvantages. Quality tools made from it are highly variable, depending on the ore is taken from, and the method for extracting iron area. In particular, the importance of the carbon and metal toughness chemically change to occur in the extraction process is not understood in. Pr actices vary greatly in different regions of the world. There is evidence, for example, Chinese people can melt very early iron tools, and amazing accomplishments of a small amount of steel production in Japan, as evidenced by the heirloom sword dating back centuries. A similar breakthrough in the Middle East and in India, but the process has never appeared in other parts of the world. For centuries, europiumans lack methods, iron modify to the melting point of all. Production of iron ore and wood they burn easy in a clay -lined oven. Iron separated from the surrounding rock, but never completely melted. Instead, it forms a hard shell of slag remotion hammer. This repeated process of heating and hammering iron oxide mixed with atomic number 8 to produce iron and carbon is removed from the metal. The result was nearly pure iron, easily shaped with hammers and tongs but too soft to take and keep a good edge. Because the metal is shaped, or forged, by hammering, it came to be known as wrought iron. Tools and weapons back to Europe from the East that has been ramble on into the shape of iron speak. Retain more carbon, iron harder than wrought iron, will hold a frontier. However, it is more brittle than wrought iron. Eastern Europe fixers know better iron, but do not participate in shaping a stronger ironwork process. Entire nations launched efforts to discover the process. The first known European breakthrough in the production of cast iron , which quickly led to the first practical steel, did not come until 1740 , in this year , the melting point of the material Benjamin huntsman took out a manifest for the production of steel springs to use the watch manufacturer . In the next 20 years or so, the process becomes more widely adopted. Huntsman is used to melt iron in the blast furnace of clay crucible. He then carefully added value measurements of pure carbon to molten metal. The resulting alloy is both strong and flexible, when cast into a spring. Since Hu ntsman initially only interested in making a better clock, his crucible steel led directly to the marine chronometer, which in turn makes the development of a global navigation to determine their east / west position by allowing the sailors accurately. In fact, he also invented the modern metallurgy is a side effect, he apparently did not notice. 5http// detailed description of the historic use of the iron metal and the iron metal on societyIron objects have been found in Egypt dating from around 3500 BC. They contain about 7.5% nickel, which indicates that they were of meteoric origin. Asia Minor, todays Turkey, the ancient Hittites, were the first to smelt iron from its ores around 1500 BC and this new, stronger, metal gave them economic and political power. Iron age began. plastered types of iron, it is obviously better than others depending on the carbon content, although this is not realized. Some ore containing fivesome production called Dama scus steel, ideal sword. The first person to explain the various types of iron was Ren Antoine Ferchault de Raumur who wrote a book on the subject in 1722. This explained how steel, wrought iron, and cast iron, were to be distinguished by the amount of fusain (carbon) they contained. The Industrial Revolution which began that same century relied extensively on this metal. 6http// ore has undergone several stages between the final product and steel. In the first stage, iron ore, limestone and vitamin C is heated (pure carbon) in a blast furnace. Blast is a very large oven temperature can reach 1500 (2700 F). outback(a) in blast furnaces, coke oxygen from iron ore Removing iron impurities limestone. Iron produced by this method is about 91-92% pure. The main impurities are left from the coke used in the furnace. This form is called pig iron. Pig iron is usually too brittle (it breaks too easily) to use in most products. Most scientists belie ve that the Earths core consists of a lot of iron. Many methods have been positive for the purification of iron. Common method used today is known as the basic oxygen process. In this process, molten pig iron in a large oven. Then pure oxygen gas is blown through the molten pig iron. Oxygen to burn more carbon in the iron Though now obsolete, once the main rise of heat iron stove for families, as well as the room for cooking. A small amount of carbon remains in the iron. The iron produced in this reaction is known as steel.The term steel truly refers to a wide variety of products. The various forms of steel all contain iron and carbon. They also contain one or more other elements, such as silicon, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, nickel, zirconium, molybdenum, and tungsten. Two other steel-like products are cast iron and wrought iron. Cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon. Wrought iron contains iron and any one or more of many other elements. In gene ral, however, tends to contain little wrought carbon. 7Blast Furnace 8Iron 9iron ore 10Steel7 http// http// http// http// It usually does not require laboratory with iron, because it is feasible to buy. A small amount of pure iron can be performed by purification of crude iron with carbon monoxide. In this process, the affection is iron pentacarbonyl, Fe (CO) 5. ampere-secondyl decomposed by heating to about 250 , to form a pure iron powder.Fe + CO Fe(CO)5 (250C) Fe + 5COThe Fe(CO)5 is a volatile oily complex which is easily flushed from the reaction vas leaving the impurities behind. Other routes to small samples of pure iron include the diminution of iron oxide, Fe2O3, with hydrogen, H2.Almost all of the iron used in the commercial production of iron and steel industry, w ith a blast furnace. Most interpersonal chemistry textbooks covered the blast furnace process. In essence, iron oxide, iron oxide, and reduce the carbon (coke), although the actual reducing agent may be in a furnace carbon monoxide, CO.2Fe2O3 + 3C 4Fe + 3CO2This process is one of the most significant industrial processes in history and the origins of the modern process are traceable back to a small town called Coalbrookdale in Shropshire (England) around the year 1773.http// effect of iron on societyTransportation boats, planes, cars, buses and motorcycles. .. Military equipment guns, artillery and tanks Household items knives, pots and hangers.. Appliances microwave oven ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines water heaters and computers. Buildings Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. mixtureA hard, brittle, nonmalleable iron-carbon a lloy, cast into to shape, containing 2 to 4.5 percent carbon, 0.5 to 3 percent silicon, and lesser amounts of sulphur, manganese, and phosphorus.ColorDensity12602300Grey6800 7800kg/m336006512Black2.26 g/cm314202599Gray2.33 g/cm312602300Silver1.738 g/cm315302786Gray7.874 g/cm311 = 12 + 13+14 + 11Cast iron www.indiamart.com25012 Iron http// Carbon http// Silicon www.indiamart.com15 magnesium http// line of ironReferencesPhysical properties alchemy Explained-iron- Powered by JRank http// position on the periodic tablehttp// .http// account How Products Are Made-Ironhttp// ball club OF CHEMISTRY-Periodic Table-Historyhttp// SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY-Periodic Table-Extractionhttp// by Alex GuanPage by . properties of elements http// splay=1article=What_is_the_colour_of_cast_ironhttp//

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